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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

From the epilogue of Arnie's first blog, A Year in Pictures Following the Break Up:

Sarah: One year. That's the plan.

I'm here in Boston for a week, helping Sarah settle into her new apartment, before I fly back home to Chicago. Today we stopped by the theater where she'll be performing and both snapped some pictures. Preparing for the move, Sarah bought a digital camera and started a photoblog of her own.

This is my 365th post; a good time to look at the math of a blog:

1 move to Boston + 4 trips to Chicago + 1 move to Chicago = 9,980 air miles traveled.

1 Chicago apartment moved out of + 1 Boston apartment moved into + 1 Friend's (Jana) apartment temporarily lived in + 1 new Chicago apartment = 4 apartments lived in.

1 Salon job in Chicago + 1 Dr.'s office job in Chicago + 1 job at the Theater + 1 promotional job at the Logan Airport + 1 month long promotional job with Jeremy + 1 Temp job in Boston + 1 job at the Lawyer's Office + 1 current office job + 1 new ComedySportz job = 9 jobs worked.

Doug's move to the cruise + Scott's move to New York + Stacey's pending move to Portland = 3 long distance friendships.

One year in Boston was the plan, but beyond the time frame, I didn't really have a plan. I expected to feel a certain way while I was there, and did, but I didn't expect to feel as glum at the same time.

Slowly, a sense of stability is re-entering my life, and according to Stacey, I should only have about 1 month of crazy left. Crazy is a good way to describe this past year, but I’d prefer to describe it as transitional. Ironically, my feelings go back and forth regarding my inconsistency in the past year, but I do take comfort in the fact that I've been consistent with at least one thing; the blog about my inconsistency.


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