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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A recent email, from Scott, to Cowlick:

Thanks for the call last night, it made me feel good. I still really haven't settled in yet, but I'm slowly meeting people. Classes begin at the Magnet Theater (Armando Diaz' theater). Since I miss you guys so much, I've renamed people in class to members of Cowlick. Here are you replacements:

Tim = Gunther, a 30 y.o. Russian guy with crazy russian beard

BJ = Niki, a 60 y.o. Indian woman with three kids

Sarah = Katie, a 27 y.o. JAP (jewish american princess) that was 45 minutes late to class

Mary Beth = Desire, a 23 y.o. punk rock chick that wore weird shorts to class

Martin = Terry, a 45 y.o. man that had a stroke who's proud to be on disability

Shelby = Scarlett, a 17 y.o. lesbian that is moving to Chicago in a year for theater

Knauf = Anne, a 40 y.o. MILF that complained of a migraine the entire class


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