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Monday, October 02, 2006

Tonight BJ had Cowlick over a BBQ at his new house. He still lives in the city but now in a very quiet residential area. With his new house, new wife, and steady lucrative job, BJ is clearly the father figure of this team. He feeds us, gives us advice, and bitches about wierd things.

It began to rain really hard and water began to leak into the basement.

BJ: Ahhhh...shit. What is this? JANELLE! THERE'S WATER IN THE BASEMENT! This means that I may have to take off these wood wall planks which I don't want to do cause I really like the look of them but if there are fractures in the walls and the foundation may be ma mo meh ma me ma mi ma me meh meh ma me mo mer moo....

Me: Let's play trivial pursuit.

Mary Beth: OK!


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