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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ooo...look at what Jeremy and I found on the street. 7 hardcover Hardy Boys books and 1 Nancy Drew mystery.

Jeremy: Do you want the Nancy Drew?

Me: Uh, sure.

Jeremy: Ok. I'll give it to you when I finish reading it.

I've always used pictures, cards, or letters as bookmarks, leaving them in the books when I'm done. I also used to write short tangetal thoughts in my books, sometimes having nothing to do with the reading material. When I moved I gave away all my books. I quickly flipped through them and found a 14 year old receipt, a picture of my cousin as a newborn, and some scribbled ponderings about my brother.

I like finding the same things in used books and wondering what these people, who have the same taste in books, and also conciously plant memories, are like.

I opened 'The Hardy Boys: What Happened at Midnight' and it smelled like a musty old cellar. On the inside cover was written:

Feb. 19, 66

To Linda,
Happy Birthday
The Garretts


Blogger Mags said...

You and Arnie are my favorite "People I don't know in real life" couples. Even though I've only been reading your blogs for about 2 weeks. it bad that when I see boys on your blog I wish it were him and when I see girls on his blog I wish it were you?

I'm too much of a sap, aren't I?

Oh well. You 2 are cute.

10:37 PM  

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