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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Arnie came with me flag football today. We are not the best team, but not the worst. In fact we are 4th place out of 8 teams so we are perfectly average, but today was a literal comedy of errors on and off the field. While he was sitting on the sideline I bent over to give him a kiss and accidentally poured a bottle of cold water into his lap. During the game I fumbled the ball straight into the arms of a player on the opposing team and he ran for a touchdown.

During the game Arnie kept boasting that he could do a cartwheel. When we got home (after taking quick ride on the tricycle) he insisted I do one first.

Arnie: That was pretty good.

Me: Thanks. Now you.

Arnie does something resembling a painful tuck and roll.

Arnie: Ow! I just hurt both of my wrists.

So he tries again. Same thing.

Arnie: I think I just pulled something in my side.

Score Today: Arnie 0 Adorably Bad Cartwheels 2


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