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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tonight Micah premiered our two person improv show titled 'Oh Shit! Look Behind You! Featuring Micah and Sarah.'

It went really well and it felt good to do a long form improv show, like stretching your legs after a road trip.

Afterwards Doug and I went out for Mexican food in the Back Bay (Jeremy thinks I have too many pictures of Doug on this blog but I couldn't resist.) A new network show is shooting in Rhode Island so a lot of the cast members from the theater (including myself) have been called in to audition for bit parts. Anastasia got cast and filmed his part on Tuesday while I was at the casting agency reading for another part. After dinner Doug and I ran into a guy that works at the Casting Agency.

Casting Agency Guy: Hey! My name is ___. You're Sarah right? You did a really good job with the reading. Too bad the show was cancelled yesterday.

I feel bad for Anastasia. He was so close to being on network TV and being stopped on the street and asked if 'he's THAT guy from THAT show.'


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