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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Now I'm in Boston and so is the World Cup.

I visited Boston in July just a few short days before the final World Cup game between Italy and France. The excitement was palpable in the North End. While walking down the street a small car with about 5 guys sped down Hanover honking their horn, waving flags, and screaming 'FRANCE!' People came pouring out of the coffee shops, screaming profanities, and throwing whatever they had at the car.

A few days later Italy won the World Cup and according to Ryan this place was turned on its' ear.

Today there was a mob in front of a restaurant on Hanover. Lots of police, camera crews, and angry people pushing eachother. It reminded me of the parade held in downtown Chicago after the White Sox won the World Series(at that celebration I got to shake Barack Obama's hand and say 'Hey! That's Barack Obama!' I'm sure he already knew that). These lucky people get to celebrate for another four years. Technically I only have a few more weeks.


Anonymous Ryan Dolan said...

The trophy is sitting at my favorite table at Cafe Graffiti. That's where I'd go sometimes to write sketches that wouldn't make the show.

Little espresso drink and a little sparking water tastes oh so nice when those windows are open on a nice night.

9:38 AM  

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