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Monday, November 27, 2006

Stacey P. and Chet cut the cake at their baby shower.*


Jeremy: If it's a boy you should name it Colonel.

Norm: I hope you are considering the ramifications of raising this child in a Christian home.

Rachel: This is the angriest baby shower ever.

By far, my favorite moment of the night occurred while Chet and Stacey P. were opening their gifts. As they began Jeremy quietly snuck out of the theater. Ten minutes later he came barreling down the stairs with an impish grin and flung a card in Chet and Stacey P.'s general direction. It was clear he just went to CVS, located above the theater, and got the first thing he saw.

Chet: Oh, a Loews gift card. Thank you very much.

Jeremy: This baby shower is too baby-centric. I am giving to your home.

*the glowing orb at the bottom of the picture IS a cake and not a hypnotic crystal ball that has Chet in its' grasp. I'm still taking blind pictures and can't turn off the flash. Thank you for bearing with me, hopefully I'll get better at this.


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