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Sunday, August 13, 2006

I was woken up at 9:00 this morning by a marching band.

Another feast day. For Madonna Della Cava.

So I did more research and this is what I found. A little boy was having dreams where the Madonna told him where she was buried. Finally the boy convinced his mother to help him resurrect the body. When they found the body of the Madonna they tried to move it to another town, but the stone encasing cracked, and they people of the town took this as a sign that the Madonna did not want to be moved, just to be found. So they built a church at the original burial site.

I'm about as happy as I can be at this point in the move, but I'm still having trouble sleeping. Everything is new. Even my living space and my bed. My brain is having a hard time turning off at night. And the marching bands don't help.


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