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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Got to watch my first White Sox game last night since I moved.

For the most part I feel like baseball, more than any other sport, is something that people can bond over even if they root for different teams. I was happy to hear that my new roommate is a Red Sox fan, and he was happy to see me watching a baseball game when he got home.

First Inning

Callahan: Oh, the White Sox....who's that guy? The one that beats everyone up? Podsednik?

Third Inning

Callahan: OOOOOHHH! Jermaine Dye is up! The wife beater...right?

Sixth Inning:

Me: I feel like the ESPN Commentators hate the White Sox.

Callahan: Everone hates the White Sox.

I think Callahan and I are going to have to find something else to bond over.


Anonymous Ryan Dolan said...

Everyone hates the White Sox.

8:23 AM  

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