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Monday, May 14, 2007

Mickey and I met again yesterday. This time he was awake.

He started crying right after I took this picture.

Me: It's crying.

Grandpa: HA! IT'S! Did you hear that Mary Lou? She called the baby 'It's!'

Me: He. I meant he.

In reality I meant 'it' as in 'the' in 'THE baby.' In my family the youngest member is always referred to as 'the baby.' When another comes along (which has happened often in the last six years), you are revoked of the title and more appropriately referred to by your given Christian name. The only exception is Caroline and Jimmy, who will always be 'the twins.'

Jesse and I were 'the babies' for a lot of years. Then 'the kids.' In fact we only stopped being referred to as 'the kids’ in the last couple of years. Every Christmas, someone will make a joke about Jesse and I having to sit at the kids table. If it wasn't so full now I probably would.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sit at that table all the time. I stupid hate the adult table!

5:50 PM  

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