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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Flew back to Boston today, just in time to say goodbye to Ryan.

Ryan moved from Chicago to Boston and is now moving back to Chicago tomorrow.

Ryan: It's wierd cause in the time I was here I primarily just stayed in the North End. So it feels like I warped. I was put here for 15 months and now I'm just being sucked out and put back in Chicago. Like...zoop!

In my short time here Ryan has been extremely supportive and we have become close pretty quickly. He was the one to show me around the city, watch White Sox games with me, and give his insight into moving whenever I felt at a loss. With his departure I feel like I'm losing 33% of my friends.

I'll miss you Ryan, have a safe trip.


Anonymous Ryan Dolan said...

That's my happy face. I'm about to call a cab for the airport. You're gonna rock it in Beantown, Sarah.

We'll have drinks back in Chicago.

Go Twins.


2:38 PM  
Anonymous the Bob Ladewig said...

Sarah, I wish I had known you were back in town.
I have CD's to give you.

I guess packages are good too...
just take longer because I'm lazy.


10:30 AM  

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